Watchcraftsman is a British business that was established with a simple mission; build unique exquisite timepieces accessible to everyone. To achieve our mission, we therefore believe there are three key objectives:

  1. Build custom watches based on our customers desires;
  2. Use high quality components; and
  3. Make the watches affordable.

We believe we are the only company that are able to offer all 3 in such a unique manner.

workstation watch building

 live watch custom editor

1. Build Custom Watches Based On Our Customers Desires

Everyone has a unique taste, be it colours, functionality or materials. To ensure there is a watch for every person, it would require holding thousands of product lines which just isn't viable for a business, and would be cumbersome for a customer to filter through. Therefore we believe in building custom watches, made to spec, facilitated by our online configurator tool.

The tool has been designed up to ensure a simple but fun way for our customers to quickly and easily view different designs and build a watch to their specification. The tool provides a preview of the final watch, which our watchmakers use as the basis for building your watch. By using this methodology we are able to provide thousands of various designs to our customers. Check out the Gallery to see various designs already created by previous customers.


installing second hand on custom watch

2. Use High Quality Components

A watch is more than just a functional item, it is a demonstration of craftsmanship and elegance. Therefore our watches only incorporate high quality materials and components that help elevate the watch and make it naturally stand out. As standard on all our watches:

  • U.K Assembled - All our watches are assembled in the U.K. within East Anglia. Expect British quality in the build of your watch.
  • Automatic Movement - At the heart of our watches are high quality automatic movements which are robust, accurate, and have a high jewel count. The gentle vibration and smoothness can be felt on the wrist in a way a cheaper automatic movement, or quartz movement, could never provide.
  • Sapphire Crystals - These are highly durable and have high levels of resistance to scratches. 
  • Hands - Most of our hands are Swiss made and have extremely high levels of precision which is required when these are manufactured to be accurate within a few hundredths of a millimetre (i.e. 0.01mm).
  • Straps - All our leather straps are 100% genuine leather and our metal straps are fully stainless steel. The Mesh bracelets are magnetic giving large amount of flexibility in wearing. The Rubber straps are extremely tough giving a rugged yet stylish look.


installing hands on watch dial custom

3. Make The Watches Affordable

Our watches use high quality components and are built in the U.K. Comparable watches cost significantly higher at other shops. Within the luxury watch industry, manufacturers and retailers seek large profit margins. Due to the value of the watches they expect to sell less units so need to make more money per watch. Furthermore they also spend large amounts on advertising. Our business model is different - we are the assembler and retailer cutting middle-man profits and passing those savings to you. We also have a highly researched and optimised supply chain allowing us to create thousands of designs of watches without losing on economies of scale savings. The range of designs also means we are able to sell sufficient quantity that we can reduce the profit per watch. Finally, we also believe in focussed and targeted marketing which means we have a much smaller marketing spend than other competitors. All of these savings we pass on to our customers rather than keeping ourselves, and were fine with that! Our ethos is about quality watches for the masses and we're passionate in achieving it. A luxury watch encapsulates a memory, signposts a significant event, or just simply makes you appreciate human craftsmanship, but whatever the reason we want to spread the joy!