Some of the most common FAQs are listed below. Please contact us with any further queries you may have.


Watchcraftsman was established with a simple mission; build unique exquisite timepieces accessible to everyone. To achieve our mission, we therefore believe there are three key objectives to our watches:

  • Build custom watches based on our customers desires;
  • Use high quality components; and
  • Make the watches affordable.

We believe we are the only company that are able to offer all 3 in such a unique manner.

We are based in the U.K. specifically in Norwich. All our watches are assembled here in Norwich but we sell only online. Our address for any correspondence is:

51 Colegate

Please see our instructions page for details on how to operate your watch: Instructions 

Quality ones! 

Movement - All our watches are automatic which means they do not need a battery, and are instead powered by a spring in the watch that is provided energy when you move your hand. Automatic watches are synonymous with a high quality watch, and demand a significant premium due to the workmanship involved. However, even at those premium prices, a number of automatic watches on the high street use poor quality movements that do not keep time well and have little to no quality control. The movements we use in our watches are highly regarded worldwide for their quality and durability.

Glass - As standard we use Sapphire Crystal on all our watches, which is incredibly durable and much more resilient to scratches than Mineral Crystal which is often found in high street watches.

Case - Tough stainless steel or PVD coated for our black cases.

Bezel - We only use high quality ceramic based bezels.

Dial - Highly durable enamel dials with brilliant luminosity. 

When comparing our watches to a similar timepiece with similar specification from the high street / other stores, our prices compare extremely favourably. In addition we offer a completely complimentary customisation service for our customers. So how do we do it? There are two main factors:

1) Our personal mission is to build unique exquisite timepieces accessible to everyone. We are genuinely passionate about quality watches and spreading the joy that they can bring in encapsulating memories. Therefore we are happy to typically take a smaller profit than other stores.

2) We have a highly optimised operational structure reducing our overhead costs. For example, this allows us to hold sufficient inventory to build 1000s of different watch combinations at little to no incremental cost per watch than mass manufacturing a single design. Another example is that we target our marketing efforts very carefully; many other organisations spend a tremendous amount on marketing which is what you are effectively paying for when you buy their watch. We believe we can target our customers better, and pass those savings from careful planning back into your pocket.


We are proud of being a British business, with all watches assembled here in the UK. We do use components from overseas, for example our movements are from a Japanese manufacturer, but you can trust in the British craftsmanship in assembly and quality control.

Due to various export trade considerations in the UK at the moment, we are only shipping domestically in the UK and to the USA. Please see our Shipping Policy for more information.


Due to the nature of our customisation service, watches can only be returned if faulty or damaged. Please see our Returns Policy page for further information.