Stainless steel classic case


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1.Use the form above to personalise your watch. Select from a range of different watch cases, in various colours, and select bezels as appropriate. Also you can choose the back, either to be solid or glass so you can see the automatic movement in action!

2.Then you move onto the dial where you can select the watch functionality, be it simple, date or day & date. You can then pick a colour of dial to suit. Finally, you can select a logo for the watch which can either be removed to give a very clean look or you can select the WatchCraftsman logo. Alternatively, completely personalise your watch by including your own text which we will put onto the dial for you.

3. All watches as standard use high quality automatic movements. Rest assured of quality!

4. Select the hands you want on your custom watch. You can choose between different styles and colours. Furthermore you can personalise your watch by having differing colours for your Hour & Minute hands and your Second hand.

5. To finish off your custom watch, select a strap or bracelet. We have a wide range that fit to make your design unique and personal to you. Choose between different styles, like traditional metal & leather straps, or go for a modern magnetic mesh strap, or perhaps a durable rubber strap. We have a wide range of materials and colours so were confident you will find something to suit.